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April 15, 2024 

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1.1pound / 1/2 kg tea $52




1 strain


In the event a selection is out of stock a substitution might be made.

use the following links to find out if certain strains are in stock

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Not approved by the FDA:

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Must be 18 to purchase.

Additional information

Strain Choice 1

Green Elephant #11 (Batch 23-X), Green Hulu Maeng da (Batch 25-X), Green Maeng da (Batch 26-X), Green Bumblebee (Batch 29-X), Green Bali (Batch 44-X), Green Camboja #5 (Batch 49-X), Green Malay (Batch 51-X), Green Sumatra (Batch 56-X), Green Thai #1 (Batch 58-X), Green Ketepang (Batch 61-X), Green Kali (Batch 62-X), Green Borneo (Batch 63-X), Premium Green (Batch 65-X), Elephant #5 (Batch 72-X), Green Sumatra (Batch 67-X), Green Malay #5 (Batch 89-X), Green Kapuas #5 (Batch 90-X), Monarch mountain sports blend (Batch 1-X), American Blend (Batch 2-X), White Bumblebee (Batch 3-X), White Mass Destruction #12 (Batch 36-X), White Hulu Kapuas MD (Batch 5-X), Yellow Bumblebee (Batch 7-X), Yellow Vietnam #5 (Batch 8-X), Full Spectrum (Batch 33-X), Keep it Together (Batch 33-X), White Borneo #5 (Batch 55-X), Yellow horn #11 (Batch 71-X), Red Bali (Batch 18-X), Red Sumatra (Batch 45-X), Red Borneo #5 (Batch 50-X), Red Bumblebee (Batch 10-X), Red Hulu Kapuas Md (Batch 11-X), Red Thai (Batch 57-X), Red Kali (Batch 59-X), Super red Bumblebee (Batch 88-X)


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