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September 23, 2023 

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Cat’s Claw bark powder (origin-Peru)



Latin Name: Uncaria tomentosa
Common Names: Cat’s Claw Bark

Although Cat’s Claw Bark, or Uncaria tomentosa, is sold with organic herbs and is often classified with therapeutic herbs, it is in fact the skin of a tree which grows in much of Central America, where it is still known as vilacora in the Mayan language as well as South America. As the bark of the tropical liana tree, it is not an “herb” in the true sense, though like many organic herbs, Cat’s Claw Bark may confer some health benefits.

Anthropologists and archaeologists have learned that this Native American herb, dried Uncaria tomentosa, was once used by the Ash√°ninka tribe of Peru for various gastro-intestinal disorders as well as a contraceptive.

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